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In Which A New York Times And Guardian Theater Critic Takes Online Theater Classes

Alexis Soloski: “As an undergraduate 20 years ago, I had majored in theater and back then, our training was exclusively and incontrovertibly face to face. Good acting happened in the moment, in the room, in the space between bodies and breath, action and intention. You couldn’t teach that online! … Or could you? For two humbling and sometimes humiliating weeks, I tried.”... | Read More

Foxtrot Is One of the Best Places To Get Food, Gifts, Wine, and More Delivered From in Dallas

Opened just last year in Dallas, Chicago-based Foxtrot Market has quickly gained popularity as a trendy and convenient new destination. Every time I drive by the McKinney Avenue location, there are always tons of people sipping glasses of wine and draft beer on the outdoor patio — tables spaced out six feet apart of course. … Continued

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Recreating The Sound Of Hagia Sophia

For a group of scholars, scientists and musicians, Hagia Sophia’s rededication as a Muslim place of worship threatens to cloak a less tangible treasure: its sound. Bissera Pentcheva, an art historian at Stanford University and an expert in the burgeoning field of acoustic archaeology, has spent the past decade studying the building’s extravagantly reverberant acoustics to reconstruct the... | Read More

Meredith Land Is Just as Busy off Screen as She Is in the Anchor Chair

In its fourth year, NorthPark Center’s Ambassador program boldly merges the worlds of fashion, art and philanthropy. The Ambassadors ― a masterful idea brought to life by Nancy A. Nasher and Kimberly Schlegel Whitman ― shines the spotlight on Dallas’ top influencers and the nonprofits they support. Hand-selected for their philanthropic contributions, each year-long ambassadorship... | Read More

Remembering Regis Philbin, Prolific Talk And Game Show Personality

The Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? host, who died July 24, held the Guinness World Record for clocking more hours on camera than anyone else in the history of TV. Originally broadcast in 2011.

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‘Muppets Now’ Proves: It’s Not Easy To Capture The Old Muppet Magic

A new comedy from The Muppets Studio features familiar characters and a few new ones. But the Disney+ series isn't nearly as funny as the original — and many of its sketches go on too long.

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How Books Became Cheap: An Illustrated Timeline Of Publishing Technology

From woodblock printing (3rd century) to movable type (11th century — sorry, Gutenberg) to stereotyping (in the original sense; ca. 1700) to paperbacks (ca. 1845) to hot-metal typesetting (ca. 1884). – Lapham’s Quarterly

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Michael Buthe

Richter, Polke, Kiefer. . . Why not Buthe? Though he shared their protean quest to reinvent the role of the German artist, Michael Buthe’s star, fast-rising and once dazzling, has faded considerably ... | Read More

The Best Studio Easels for Creating Your Next Painting

For many, easels are an essential part of the painting process. Artists have used them for millennia: One of the first recorded uses of an easel dates back 2,000 years to the Romans; medieval monks used them to display precious illuminated manuscripts. Easels gained popularity during the Renaissance as artists created fewer paintings directly on walls and more on canvases. Today easels usually... | Read More

9 Great Dallas Instagrammers for a Pandemic Reprieve

Instagram is a natural go-to for the cooped up crowd, but when that cooping up goes for weeks and months on end, the relationship with the app can begin to verge on toxic (if it hasn’t already). But we know there are some very good corners of the internet filled with positivity and genuine humor … Continued

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