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Scott Reeder

In the serenely colored paintings of “Didactic Sunsets,” Scott Reeder’s first solo exhibition at Canada, food and flora go about their daily lives. In a room lit by dawn-colored light (Green Interior, ... | Read More

Maja Ruznic

Everything appears to be in a state of constant and inevitable change in the exquisite paintings of Maja Ruznic. A range of mark-making methodologies leaves the images wraithlike, insinuating echoes of ... | Read More

July/August 2020

... | Read More

Kimber Smith

“Cosmically we find that matter organizes around centers, which are often marked by a dominant mass,” the gestalt psychologist Rudolf Arnheim once said, but “we cannot be grateful enough for living in ... | Read More

Ida Panicelli on Germano Celant

PARIS, JUNE 1981. Germano Celant and I are drinking at a bar after the opening of his exhibition “Identité italienne. L’art en Italie depuis 1959” (Italian Identity. Art in Italy Since 1959) at the ... | Read More

Torkwase Dyson

Torkwase Dyson’s new series “Black Compositional Thought: 15 Paintings for the Plantationocene,” 2020, was organized into small groupings, with one standalone work, in her recent show of the same name. ... | Read More

Adrian Morris

Three paintings of mullioned windows, precisely rendered but curiously off-kilter, hung in a row at Essex Street as part of the late British artist Adrian Morris’s first solo exhibition in the United ... | Read More

Julian Charrière

The earliest signs of nature gone awry in the classic 1954 black-and-white Godzilla are essentially moments of monochromatic abstraction: A glimmer of light roils the ocean’s surface from below, then ... | Read More

Antonio Lopez

Antonio Lopez (1943–1987) was born in Utuado, Puerto Rico, and relocated with his family to New York’s Spanish Harlem in 1950, where he honed his artistic inclinations by assisting his mother and father ... | Read More

“Vida Americana: Mexican Muralists Remake American Art, 1925–1945”

Curated by Barbara Haskell with Marcela Guerrero, Sarah Humphreville, and Alana HernandezFOR THE SECOND TIME since its relocation, the Whitney Museum of American Art appropriated the word America ... | Read More
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