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Scott Reeder

In the serenely colored paintings of “Didactic Sunsets,” Scott Reeder’s first solo exhibition at Canada, food and flora go about their daily lives. In a room lit by dawn-colored light (Green Interior, ... | Read More

Maja Ruznic

Everything appears to be in a state of constant and inevitable change in the exquisite paintings of Maja Ruznic. A range of mark-making methodologies leaves the images wraithlike, insinuating echoes of ... | Read More

July/August 2020

... | Read More

Kimber Smith

“Cosmically we find that matter organizes around centers, which are often marked by a dominant mass,” the gestalt psychologist Rudolf Arnheim once said, but “we cannot be grateful enough for living in ... | Read More

Ida Panicelli on Germano Celant

PARIS, JUNE 1981. Germano Celant and I are drinking at a bar after the opening of his exhibition “Identité italienne. L’art en Italie depuis 1959” (Italian Identity. Art in Italy Since 1959) at the ... | Read More

The Best 45mm Rotary Cutters for Slicing Different Fabrics

Before the dawn of the rotary cutter, cutting multiple layers and shapes out of fabric was a taxing task. Fitted with a revolving blade, the slim handheld tool transformed the quilting industry, allowing users to cut out uniform pieces of patchwork with greater speed and precision. Today rotary cutters are used by professional quilters and DIY-ers alike, with one of the most popular options... | Read More

With a New Date and Pandemic-Friendly Format, Dallas Pride Goes On in 2020

In 2019, Dallas Pride made the decision to move its celebration from September in Oak Lawn to Fair Park in June, the time of year most commonly recognized as Pride Month. This year brings yet another big change for annual event — this time for very different reasons. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Dallas … Continued

The post With a New Date and Pandemic-Friendly Format,... | Read More

Rudolfo Anaya, A Founding Father Of Chicano Literature, Dies At 82

Anaya's 1972 classic Bless Me, Ultima — about a young Mexican American boy and his curandera mentor in New Mexico in the 1940s — inspired a generation of Chicano writers.

(Image credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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Luther Price (1962–2020)

I FIRST HEARD OF LUTHER PRICE long before I saw him in person. Sodom (1989), his film juxtaposing Gregorian chants and gay porn footage that he had mutilated with a hole punch and then painstakingly ... | Read More

Why Milton Glaser’s Iconic “I [Heart] New York” Worked

Glaser scrawled the first draft of the logo in the back of a cab, in 1976, red ink on a scrap of envelope; the sketch is now, fittingly, in the possession of the Museum of Modern Art. He made it for a marketing campaign for New York State, in 1977, which was a tricky moment for the city in particular—it didn’t seem very lovable. In the final design, the typeface is American Typewriter,... | Read More

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