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Amy Taubin on Alexander Nanau’s Collective

IF YOU EVER GET SICK IN ROMANIA, hightail it to Vienna. That was my immediate takeaway, near the end of January—almost to the day that the first Covid-19 case was diagnosed in the United States—from ... | Read More

Heidi Hahn

The first thing to notice about Heidi Hahn’s paintings is the artist’s adroit way with the fundamentals of the medium. Her handling of color, line, luminosity, and so on comes across as somehow both ... | Read More

J. Hoberman on Sergei Loznitsa’s State Funeral

A MESMERIZING, two-hour assemblage fashioned from archival material intended for The Great Farewell, a never-released feature documenting the March 1953 funeral of Soviet maximum leader Joseph Stalin, ... | Read More


IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY, sometimes known as the here and now, or a version of it, a woman’s tangled blonde updo smokes, bursts into flame, and shatters into hundreds of pixelated pieces. A slick ... | Read More

Jace Clayton on Carl Craig at Dia:Beacon

TECHNO WAS BORN BLACK in the American Midwest, although we have the twin engines of European connoisseurship and commercial interest to thank for the detailed hagiographies given to innovators like ... | Read More


THIS IS THE END. Again. The Enlightenment, the American experiment, the postwar order—depending who you ask, any or all of these momentous constructs, and so many more, have collapsed in recent memory, ... | Read More

Thomas Beard, Ed Halter, Nellie Killian, and Sierra Pettengill on the Cinema Worker Solidarity Fund

MID-MARCH: As the reality of the pandemic in New York came into focus, calls to close cinemas spread across the local film scene. The lives of the four of us are typically devoted to going to the ... | Read More


MY NERVES ARE SHOT, though it hasn’t actually gotten bad for me at all yet. It’s seven in the morning. The kids are still sleeping, stayed up late yesterday, spent forever playing Fortnite, even ... | Read More

Matthew Ronay and Lane Relyea on the art of Tishan Hsu

TISHAN HSU’s paintings and sculptures evoke nightmarish visions of the body’s forced integration with its technological surrounds. After a spate of exhibitions in the 1980s at venues including Pat Hearn ... | Read More

Hal Foster on the art of Donald Judd

SEVERAL DECADES ON, the art of Donald Judd is still stunning. In the exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art that opened March 1, smartly curated by Ann Temkin, Yasmil Raymond, Tamar Margalit, and ... | Read More
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