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Charles Ray

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Juanita McNeely

The wailing wreckage of Pablo Picasso’s Guernica, 1937, the necrotic wrist stump in Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Self-Portrait as a Soldier, 1915, and the hellscapes of Otto Dix’s series “Der Krieg” (The ... | Read More

Lauren Halsey

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Mary Lovelace O’Neal

Though the seventy-eight-year-old Mary Lovelace O’Neal’s art and achievements warrant great acclaim, she is, unfortunately, little known. It’s no small wonder: O’Neal is a black woman based on the West ... | Read More

Brian Eno and Peter Saville

THE LAST TIME I LOOKED, there were about a hundred million trillion stars in the universe. It seems to get a couple of zeros bigger every time I check.That means there should be hundreds of ... | Read More


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John Kelsey

IT’S ONLY A FEW DAYS into lockdown when a friend invites you to join a Buddhist “retreat” on Zoom. Not only is this your first experience with group meditation but it’s your first time on the Zoom ... | Read More

David Velasco

THIS ISSUE came together very fast, organized in apartments scattered across the pandemic’s epicenter. There’s a vertigo to it all—of starting work just as the merry-go-round stops. This magazine, ... | Read More

Molly Warnock on Luc Tuymans’s Bloodstains, 1993

LUC TUYMANS’S BLOODSTAINS, 1993, is one of the Belgian artist’s more allover compositions. Purplish-red discs rimmed with vermilion float within a rectangular format, accompanied by a smattering of ... | Read More

Alexandro Segade

 Alexandro Segade is an artist living in New York. His graphic novel The Context was published this month by Primary Information . ... | Read More
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