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Gladys Nilsson

“Honk! Fifty Years of Painting,” an energizing, deeply satisfying pair of shows devoted to the work of Gladys Nilsson that occupied both Matthew Marks’s Twenty-Fourth Street space, where it remains on ... | Read More

Johanna Went

Grotesque props, crude puppetry, absurdist costumes, fake blood, and noise characterized Johanna Went’s riotous and scatological performances from the late 1970s and ’80s. A central figure in the Los ... | Read More

Annabel Daou

Although political discourse contains language that is seemingly direct, it is subject to endless interpretation and reinterpretation. Take the Declaration of Independence’s “All men are created equal,” ... | Read More

Lynette Yiadom-Boakye

Lynette Yiadom-Boakye knows how to capture decisive moments. In her show at the Huntington Art Gallery, which was curated by Hilton Als and traveled from the Yale Center for British Art in New Haven, ... | Read More

T. J. Wilcox

A luxuriant garland of rainbow-hued video projections greeted visitors to T. J. Wilcox’s solo show at Gladstone Gallery. Landing shoulder to shoulder upon a long narrow screen diagonally spanning the ... | Read More

Issy Wood

Somewhere between realism and surrealism sits a distinctively uncomfortable yet curiously seductive pictorial mode I call perverted realism. It draws on traditional, even ostentatiously conventional ... | Read More

Josep Grau-Garriga

Llum de febrer (February Light), 1978–81, was the centerpiece of this exhibition by the Catalan artist Josep Grau-Garriga (1929–2011) at Salon 94’s Bowery location. The tapestry, which took Grau-Garriga ... | Read More

Phil Taylor on Dora Maar’s Le simulateur, 1935

“Dora Maar” was slated to travel to the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles on April 21. It has been postponed due to COVID-19.WHEN APPROACHING A CONCAVE MIRROR, we initially see ourselves ... | Read More


I KNOW I SPEAK FOR MANY ARTISTS when I say that I would not be who I am without John. After four decades, his throwaway words still slosh happily around my brain, coloring my decisions with his wry ... | Read More

Kaelen Wilson-Goldie on the films of Moyra Davey

OVER THE PAST THIRTY YEARS, the artist Moyra Davey has made ten ever more luminous and ambitious films. Each of them is at once a work of continuity and rupture, from the quirky Hell Notes, 1990, ... | Read More
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