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Alexandro Segade on “Nicolas Moufarrege: Recognize My Sign”

I FUCKED SPIDER-MAN five years ago in a Brooklyn apartment. He texted that he was waiting for me in costume. A trim silhouette in blue-and-red Lycra met me at the door. There was a zipper at his ... | Read More

January 2020

... | Read More

Paige K. Bradley on 100 gecs

GURGLE-Y THUDS, chiptune squeals, breakcore beats, sirens, gleeful rapping, and enthusiastic screaming—no, a Gen Z ne’er-do-well isn’t having a party at your house; someone’s probably just turned on ... | Read More

Hannah Wilke

Hannah Wilke (1940–1993) had her first exhibition with Ronald Feldman Gallery in 1972. Feldman—who retired from running his eponymous space last October—represented her for almost fifty years. The depth ... | Read More


Joey La Neve DeFrancesco is a musician, historian, and organizer based in Providence, Rhode Island, whose performances combine dance, punk, and drag. She will tour North America and Europe with her ... | Read More

Hyman Bloom

Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning thought that Hyman Bloom (1913–2009) was “the first Abstract Expressionist artist in America.” In 1950, Bloom was chosen to represent the United States at the Venice ... | Read More

40 shows worldwide

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Marnie Weber and Justin John Greene

The pairing of Marnie Weber’s haunted collages with Justin John Greene’s macabre paintings plunged this viewer into a dark corner of the American psyche. For their two-person exhibition at Simon Lee, ... | Read More


STEVE McQUEEN’s work makes one aware of movement—migratory, political, forced—that has been compelled and then interdicted. Many viewers will likely be familiar with his feature films, Hunger (2008), ... | Read More

Lutz Bacher

Enigmatic, hilarious, disorienting, and almost mythic, the four decades’ worth of work by the artist pseudonymously known as Lutz Bacher is unparalleled in its raw wit. Bacher had been working with ... | Read More
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