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E’wao Kagoshima

Born in Niigata, Japan, in 1945, E’wao Kagoshima has been a New Yorker since 1976. Working in a manner that combined aspects of Symbolism and Pop into an unstable cocktail of seductive decadence and a ... | Read More


Curated by Ann Temkin and Yasmil Raymond with Tamar Margalit and Erica CookeThis spring, the sole Donald Judd retrospective in the US in three decades—titled “Judd,” in perfect step with the artist’s ... | Read More


I MET HUANG YONG PING for the first time over lunch in Guangzhou one Saturday in October 2002. He arrived fresh from the emergency room, having cut his hand that morning while collaborating with a ... | Read More

Jonathan Berger

Eros rides a dolphin or a swan—or else a crab, a snail, a dove, a lion, an aquatic goat, a unicorn-drawn chariot, a turtle. I thought about this history of images while reading of a man’s devotion to ... | Read More


IN 1989, Huang Yong Ping traveled to France at the Centre Pompidou’s invitation to take part in Jean-Hubert Martin’s “Magiciens de la terre,” widely remembered as the “first truly international ... | Read More

Jacolby Satterwhite

Jacolby Satterwhite’s kaleidoscopically immoderate show at Pioneer Works was built from a million little things that ultimately boiled down to a couple of big things. The exhibition was a trippy two-way ... | Read More


1. I REMEMBER driving away from Tanglewood one summer night in 1987 after having heard Jessye Norman sing a concert performance of Salome’s last scene, a soprano’s autoerotic orgy with the head of ... | Read More

Ronnie Landfield

His may not yet be a household name, but Ronnie Landfield is one of the best abstract painters in America. Since the late 1960s, Landfield’s paintings have been defined by billowing stains of color, ... | Read More


EVEN AS RIHANNA promotes the nonbinary clothing line Art School and the critique of heteronormativity goes increasingly mainstream, masculinity is still permitted to present itself as a default. ... | Read More

Tatiana Trouvé

Tatiana Trouvé’s first exhibition in Los Angeles opens on a fantastical scene, stage-managed with imposing verisimilitude: The concrete floor of Gagosian’s front gallery seems to have been fractured by ... | Read More
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