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Paulina Peavy and Lacamo

Paulina Peavy (1901–1999), an artist who witnessed nearly a century of culture flash before her eyes, was hardly recognized in her lifetime for her abstractions. Perhaps that’s because she never conformed ... | Read More

Raynes E. Birkbeck

General George S. Patton was famous for many things, including his vicious, ugly temper and a taste for bespoke pistols with ivory handles, made by Smith & Wesson. In a painting by the self-taught artist ... | Read More


“MAD,” a group exhibition at Assembly Room that featured the work of women artists, cohered around anger, or at least the idea of it. Per Angela Conant, who organized the show, anger “spreads easily ... | Read More


As was fitting for a show dedicated to a Dada scholar, “FMSBWTÖZÄU PGGIV-..?MÜ (FOR STEPHEN FOSTER)” examined the disruptive capacities of invented languages and the material qualities of letters, ... | Read More

Takuro Tamayama and Tiger Tateishi

It was dusk, and the storefront of Nonaka-Hill had just lit up. The gallery, housed under a deceptive marquee reading BEST CLEANERS, was preparing to open for its evening hours. Inside, a delicate, ... | Read More

Declan Long on Derek Jarman’s Fuck Me Blind, 1993

TOWARD THE END OF HIS LIFE—with little time and energy left—Derek Jarman returned to painting in a spirit of vigorous, vehement urgency. Cinema had long been the celebrated center of Jarman’s art. ... | Read More

Hayv Kahraman

“She reminds me of that Mexican artist Frida Kahlo,” said a middle-aged man as he scanned new works by Hayv Kahraman depicting her constant subject: a black-haired woman with fair skin, poppy-red lips, ... | Read More

Jennifer Krasinski on Nature Theater of Oklahoma’s Die Kinder der Toten

SINCE 2006, Kelly Copper and Pavol Liška, collaborating as the Nature Theater of Oklahoma, have created brainy and ebullient works for stage, film, and video, aerating serious conceptual heft with ... | Read More

Teresa Burga

Teresa Burga, who is based in Lima, Peru, has been making art for more than fifty years. Yet it was hardly evident in the drawings and sculptures that comprised this, her first gallery show in the US, ... | Read More

Natasha Stagg on Anicka Yi’s Biography

THE WORLDS of art and fashion depend on myth to qualify their products, the best example being the mythologizing that happens in fragrance branding. There are, of course, the epic ad campaigns. But ... | Read More
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