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Ultimate Sports Hotel Opening Next to Texas Rangers’ New Ballpark — Your First Sneak Peek

Live! by Loews, the new upscale hotel at Texas Live! that we’ve been waiting for since its groundbreaking two years ago, will open on August 22. The Arlington hotel is immersed right in the middle of all things sports, directly adjacent to the Texas Rangers’ new ballpark, making it an epic sports resort. The 14-story … Continued

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Why Learning Is Declining In Our Classrooms

The combination of computer use, Internet, and smart phone, I would argue, has changed the cognitive skills required of individuals. Learning is more and more a matter of mastering various arbitrary software procedures that then allow information to be accessed and complex operations to be performed without our needing to understand what is entailed in those operations. This activity is... | Read More

Alex Rodriguez’s Favorite Mega Fitness Mecca Opens a Splashy New Dallas Studio

TruFusion, a mega fitness studio from Las Vegas backed by Alex Rodriguez, opens in Dallas this Thursday, August 1. The 12,000 square foot space is located at 9100 N. Central Expressway at Caruth Plaza. Memberships at the class-based studio will begin on August 5. Featuring five studios under one roof, classes offered include yoga, Pilates, … Continued

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David Brooks, Art Critic, Weighs In Again: This Time On Definitions Of Greatness

For most people, creativity is precisely the ability to pursue multiple interests at once, and then bring them together in new ways. “Without contraries is no progression,” William Blake wrote. – The New York Times

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Our Language Is Evolving, ‘Because Internet’

Whether you're extremely online, or still confused by how a simple period can be interpreted as passive-aggressive, linguist Gretchen McCulloch has a guide to how our on-screen speech is morphing.

(Image credit: Beth Novey/NPR)

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Queue Up Your Preschool Playlist, ‘Peppa Pig’ Has Just Dropped ‘My First Album’

Peppa is a 4-year-old, cartoon pig whose award-winning TV show airs in more than 180 countries. For the last 13 years she's been played by Harley Bird, who got the part when she was only 5 years old.

(Image credit: ABD Ltd/Ent. One UK Ltd 2003)

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To the Shopping Moon and Back — River Oaks District Celebrates the Apollo 11 Anniversary With Stunning Installation

Many, many moons ago, the United States space program made a giant leap for mankind. Houston put a man on the moon, and the American flag was planted to mark a momentous occasion that reverberated far beyond the space race. It’s been 50 years since the epic moon landing, and while the official anniversary date … Continued

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UK’s Creative Industries May Face Labor Problems After Brexit

“The prevalence of freelance workers in the sector – 50% of companies surveyed had used freelancers in the past year – and EU workers among them, meant that ‘one in ten businesses in the creative industries employ a freelance worker who might be unable to gain continued access to the UK workforce’ after Brexit.” – Arts Professional

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Dallas’ Long Awaited Virgin Hotel Sets Opening Date, Reveals Showy New Details

Dallas’ long anticipated new Virgin Hotel will open in the Design District on December 15. The new tower at 1445 Turtle Creek Boulevard will feature 268 rooms, two penthouse suites, multiple restaurants and bars, and a rooftop pool. Each guest room is designed to consist of two spaces separated by a sliding door. The Dressing … Continued

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Ancient Tablet Recording Homer’s “Odyssey” Discovered – Maybe The Oldest

It is engraved with 13 verses from the poem recounting the adventures of the hero Odysseus after the fall of Troy. The tale was probably composed by Homer in the late 8th Century BC. – BBC

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