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The Radio Arts Foundation (RAF) in St. Louis is looking for a CEO/General Manager who is an experienced and highly creative individual with a demonstrated history of thinking out of the box, who can work with the board to rethink, reimagine and redefine what it means to be a classical music and arts community-focused radio station and digital media enterprise in the 21st century.... | Read More

The Author Who Just Won The Dylan Thomas Prize On Code-Switching And Superpowers In London

Guy Gunaratne, whose novel is written in ”a pungent first-person patois,” explains that of course he speaks differently to an interviewer. “publishing is pretty middle class and I’ve had to accommodate. In London, you learn to code-switch quite well and I’ve always thought of that as a superpower in a way. You’re able to express yourself with different vocabulary in different... | Read More

Isabelle Sarli, Whose Films Challenged Censors And Created A Sensation In Argentina And The World, Has Died At 89

“Sarli became an instant sex symbol in her feature film debut, in El Trueno Entre las Hojas (Thunder Among the Leaves) in 1958, when she became the first woman to appear fully nude in a mainstream Argentine movie” – and during Argentina’s military dictatorship, her movies were censored, one not being shown until the return of democracy. – The New York Times

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This Man Started An Online LGBT Magazine That’s Blocked In His Own Country [VIDEO]

As The Atlantic runs a story for the end of Pride Month with the headline claim that “The Struggle for Gay Rights Is Over,” perhaps the author of that piece of genius writing needs to chat with Khalid Abdel-Hadi, whose magazine, intended for Jordanians (a country where only 7 percent think LGBT people should have equal rights), is blocked in his own country. – BBC

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Women Are Still Working On Changing The Discussion Around The Female Body In Art

Artist Donna Huanca uses semi-nudes to claim space in what she says is still a very male space. “I’m trying to distort the male gaze, to have it be so powerful that it reflects back in a different way.” – Los Angeles Times

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‘Every Guy Wants To Be James Bond.’ But Would They Pay $545 For His Onesie?

Forgoing his signature tux for a baby-blue terrycloth swimsuit, Sean Connery's Goldfinger onesie became one of Bond's classic outfits. And now fans can buy the item for themselves.

(Image credit: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

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Colton Whitehead Is The First Novelist On The Cover Of TIME Since 2010

As Emily Temple notes in LitHub, that 2010 cover was also the first in about 10 years – and as she also says, “Maybe in 2029 it will be a woman! (Just kidding, there definitely won’t be magazines by then.)” Not to take away from Whitehead, of course; as the profile says, “If greatness is excellence sustained over time, then without question, Whitehead is one of the greatest of... | Read More

As Nataki Garrett Takes Over The Reins, She Talks To Bill Rauch About His Legacy At The Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Rauch, who came into the festival wanting to change the audience and the acting company demographics (and who has succeeded in the latter; the former is stickier, as he also acknowledges in the interview), says, “I have, throughout my career, been very concerned with how marginalized voices can be put at the center of the art and the discourse in our field, and throughout my years at OSF,... | Read More

Is Morality Hard-Wired Into Mammalian Brains?

Maybe morality started with food. Really. – The New York Times

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Southwest Gallery Summer Art Festival August 17 & 18

Annual Summer Art FestivalAugust 17th & 18thfrom 1 to 5 pm both days

Come by this August for our Annual Summer Art Festival and experience 15 artists creating art including Clinton Broyles, Lynwood Bennett, Gene Brown, Robert Fobear, Manuel Garza, Ann Hardy, Dennis Johnson, George Kovach, Michael Mentler, Tony Saladino, Alexander Selytin, Roberto Ugalde, Paul Walden,... | Read More

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