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Ojai: The Tiny Music Festival That Reflects The World

Mark Swed: “It is still the quirkiest major music festival in America, and possibly anywhere. If anything, Ojai has become even more a habitat for compulsive experimentation as well as a magnet for many of the world’s most accomplished musicians. Charm and informality continue. But thanks in large part to Tom Morris, the Ojai festival is now a Destination.” – Los Angeles... | Read More

‘I Didn’t Feel That There Was Any Casting Couch”: Ann Reinking Talks About Her Relationship With Bob Fosse

“I never thought he was abusive that way at all. I think everybody he was with was completely willing to be with him. I never perceived him as using a part as being manipulative. And I’ll tell you how I knew that — it was instinctual. … I trusted Bob. I trusted Gwen. And I was right to. My instincts weren’t incorrect at all. They never hurt me, and they were on my... | Read More

Budget Woes Cause Performance Cutbacks for Golden Lion-Winning Lithuanian Pavilion in Venice

The New York Times has a piece this week on budget woes at the Venice Biennale’s Golden Lion-Winning Lithuanian Pavilion, which have caused performances of the “beach opera” to be cut back to once a week. “Going into the vernissage week, we didn’t have enough money to guarantee us until the end of the Biennale, even performing […]... | Read More

Paris – Seth Price: “Self as Tube” at Galerie Chantal Crousel Through June 20th, 2019

Seth Price, Self as Tube (Installation View), via Galerie Chantal Crousel Marking an ongoing continuation and elaboration on his recent works dwelling on the body, shared and public space, production and the self, Seth Price has launched a show of new works on view at Galerie Chantal Crousel in Paris this month. Featuring a recent series of […]... | Read More

Have The Arts Gotten So Focused On The Mechanics Of Survival That We Forget To Talk About The Art?

Steve Slater: “This is nothing new, and it is not confined to the arts. We see the same pattern repeated again and again in fields like education, health and the police, all of which suffer from diminishing hands-on contact with those they profess to serve.” – Arts Professional

... | Read More

State Hermitage Museum Exploring Outpost in Saudi ARabia

The State Hermitage Museum is exploring a possible outpost in Saudi Arabia, Art Newspaper reports. The Museum is also looking to expand its footprint in the Crimea.  Read more at Art Newspaper... | Read More

Website Caught Trying To Sell Reviews At Edinburgh Fringe

“The site, The Mumble, is contacting artists appearing at this year’s festival to offer ‘a digitally sophisticated Skyflyer’, comprising a review and interview, for £50. Opting for just a review would cost £30.” – The Stage

... | Read More

Revisiting ‘Deadwood,’ With Star Timothy Olyphant And Creator David Milch

HBO's Deadwood: The Movie picks up where the TV series ended in 2006. Olyphant and Milch spoke to Fresh Air about the series in separate interviews, originally broadcast in 2011 and 2005.

... | Read More

Iraqi Ministry to Push for Recovery of Antiques in American Institutions and Collections

The Iraqi Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Antiquities has stated intent to recover thousands of antiquities from the United States, including “5,500 artifacts from the Hobby Lobby company and 10,000 clay figurines from Cornell University as well as artifacts from the University of Pennsylvania.” Read more at Middle East Monitor  ... | Read More

Smithsonian Names Lonnie Bunch, African American Museum Head to Direct Entire Institution

Lonnie G. Bunch III, the first head of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, will serve as the next secretary of the entire Smithsonian, the NYT reports. “I want to help it transform America,” he said. Read more at NYT    ... | Read More
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