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Shaking my head

A press release that touts a a composer who became famous nearly 100 years ago as “contemporary” has us smiling. – Greg Sandow

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The Music Stars Of Social Media

How are these young people, in their teens and young twenties, getting so much streaming play on Spotify? “These artists have virtually no media profile, no radio play, most don’t seem to have a record deal and they barely give interviews.” YouTube. YouTube. You. Tube. – The Guardian (UK)

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France Is Becoming A Refuge For American Noir Novels – And Novelists – Who Can’t Hit It Big On Amazon

Le Monde isn’t mincing words here. While the U.S., at least one novelist claims, has a blockbuster mentality, France is much more welcoming, a place where “several of these authors, who no longer have a publisher in the United States, see their talent justly distinguished.” – Le Monde (France)

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First, Reality Influences Epic Fantasy Novels, And Then You End Up With English Watchers On Hadrian’s Wall

Turns out that the watchers on the wall – that is, the members of English Heritage who staff Roman sites along Hadrian’s Wall, the border with Scotland – have been answering Game of Thrones fan questions for years, but now they’re going one better: “Its members will be decked out in black cloaks and shields, and will be posted at four main Roman sites along the... | Read More

The Latest Dust-Up In The Uneven Battle Between Talent Agencies And Writers

At a time when the Writers Guild of America is trying desperately to get its members better positioned in the industry, suffice it to say that the union is not impressed with the Endeavor agency’s plan to enter the stock market with an initial public offering. The WGA: “It is impossible to reconcile the fundamental purpose of an agency — to serve the best interests of its... | Read More

Atlas Gallery opens an exhibition of works by Bauhaus artist and photographer Florence Henri

Atlas Gallery is presenting an exhibition of photographs and paintings by Bauhaus artist and photographer Florence Henri (1893-1982). Florence Henri’s work has featured in major institutional exhibitions worldwide, but this is the first time in many years that such a large body of the artist’s work is available for sale. Despite enjoying considerable popularity in the 1920s and... | Read More

SFMOMA exhibition explores the transmission of photographs from mail art to social media

On June 11, 1997, French software engineer Philippe Kahn sent a grainy color photograph of his infant daughter Sophie, moments after she was born, to his family and friends using a cobbled-together contraption made up of his mobile phone, a digital camera and a linked online network. This transmission marked a decisive moment in the history of sharing photos—an essential component of... | Read More

The Ravestijn Gallery opens new space with exhibition of works by Vincent Fournier

The Ravestijn Gallery is presenting the return of Vincent Fournier and his series Space Utopia in its new gallery. Space Utopia collects over a decade of Fournier’s work surrounding space exploration on earth. Evoking a tenacious nostalgia toward the science fiction of the twentieth century, his photographs reflect on international space travel over generations. His latest work consists of... | Read More

Harn Museum of Art celebrates the arts of creativity, discovery and inquiry in new exhibition

The Harn Museum of Art at the University of Florida celebrates creativity, discovery and inquiry through its newest exhibition Divergent Convergence opening March 31. Offered as part of the University of Florida's campus-wide, year-long celebration of invention and creativity, the exhibition investigates how various artists discover and question the past, reinterpret the present, and imagine the... | Read More

Two marble busts by Houdon sell for a combined $1.475 million at Cottone Auctions

Two rediscovered marble busts by the French 18th century sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon (French, Versailles 1741-1828 Paris) sold for a combined $1.475 million at the Fine Art & Antiques Auction held March 23rd by Cottone Auctions, online and in the firm’s gallery. The busts were the top achievers in an auction that featured just over 300 lots, totaling over $3 million in sales. Both busts... | Read More
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