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The Creeping Insidiousness Of Miseducation

Every person has two choices for how to cope with any aspect of society that is uncomfortable: act to change it, or surrender. Miseducation is the art of teaching people to surrender. To be miseducated, as Carter Woodson had it, is not merely to be poorly educated, although that’s often a byproduct. Miseducation is a deeper evil, one that arises whenever an intrinsic trait, such as... | Read More

Miami Vices — Breakfast, Dramatic Design and Old Texas Friends

Editor’s note: As we head into a new art year, PaperCity’s Billy Fong looks back at his adventures in Miami at Art Basel to help look ahead. This is the second part of this series. MIAMI — Uber access VIP card in hand I was ready to head out for a day of salivating over gorgeous … Continued

The post Miami Vices — Breakfast, Dramatic Design and Old Texas Friends... | Read More

5 Art Events to Attend in New York City This Week

A guide to the next seven days. Read More

The post 5 Art Events to Attend in New York City This Week appeared first on ARTnews.

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What We Can Learn About Ourselves By Studying Those Who Are Studying Us

Even the smallest action or fragment of speech, Emily Martin believes, can be a useful clue to the mostly invisible wider cultural assumptions that shape how research is done in any specialized field. She observes and collects these fragments, hoping that, later on, she’ll be able to find connections between them and make better sense of a scientific world view that is fascinatingly... | Read More

Dora García at Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm

See images from one notable show every weekday. Read More

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Have We Misunderstood The Connection Between Democracy And Social Justice?

Working at the intersection of moral and political philosophy, social science, and economics, Elizabeth Anderson has become a leading theorist of democracy and social justice. She has built a case, elaborated across decades, that equality is the basis for a free society. Her work, drawing on real-world problems and information, has helped to redefine the way contemporary philosophy is done,... | Read More

The Retail “Apocalypse” as A Cultural Indicator

It’s been a rough time for many prominent American retail chains—and the sector’s future prospects don’t look rosy. But “apocalypse” might be an overstatement. – CityLab

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The Highest-Box-Office-Earning Actor Of 2018

The highest-earning actor of 2018 (George Clooney) didn’t even release a movie this year. But can you name the actor who earned the most at the box office with her films? (and no, she wasn’t even close to being highest paid)

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Why We’re So Terrible At Predicting The Future

The thing about tech is that even if you can see it coming, you can’t be sure quite how it will arrive or what it will do when it gets here. – The Guardian

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It’s A Wildly Inventive Time For Jazz (But Not A Golden Age)

“The music is meant to evolve, and we’re in the midst of its most wildly adaptive, thrillingly unruly evolutionary phase in some 40 years. So why do I balk whenever someone declares that jazz has entered another golden age?” – The New York Times

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