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Exhibition at Art Projects International focuses on works by Il Lee from the 1990s

Art Projects International is presenting Il Lee: The 90s from September 13 to October 27, 2018, at 434 Greenwich Street in Tribeca, New York City. Focusing on works by Il Lee from the 1990s, this exhibition brings together select breakthrough black ballpoint ink on paper works that first introduced the energetic, exhilarating mark-making which remains characteristic of his later signature works.... | Read More

Fine Art Asia 2018 and Ink Asia 2018: An outstanding display of antiques, fine art and ink art

Fine Art Asia 2018, Asia’s leading international fine art fair, returned to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre this week. This year Ink Asia 2018, the world’s first art fair dedicated to ink art, is being staged alongside Fine Art Asia 2018, creating a truly stunning treasure trove for collectors and art lovers. Founded in 2006, Fine Art Asia 2018 is recognised as... | Read More

PICKS: Eliel Jones on James N. Kienitz Wilkins at Gasworks, London

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How The 19th Century Japanese Artist Hokusai Influenced His Dutch Contemporary

Van Gogh admired Katsushika Hokusai and studied prints of The Great Wave Off Kanagawa. Did it influence Starry Night? From a visual standpoint, that seems probable: “The similarities between the thrust of the wave and the swirling of the sky; that they are both striking studies in blue; and the fact that Van Gogh admired The Great Wave so much all point to a loose inspiration.”

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Margo Jefferson On Being A Critic And The Many Forms Of Codeswitching In Her Memoir

Jefferson’s memoir Negroland won the National Book Critics Circle Award for Autobiography, partly because of its ability to be personal and critical at the same time. Jefferson says, “I’d spent my writing life as a critic. My initial feeling was that those kinds of tones and voices had to go; this was memoir. But then, I realized, no, that was as much a fixed part of my identity... | Read More

Joe Masteroff, Playwright Of ‘Cabaret,’ Has Died At 98

Masteroff, who adapted Cabaret from Christopher Isherwood’s Berlin Stories and the stage adaptation of that book, hit a timely nerve (not that performances have ever stopped at colleges, high schools, and community theatres – or even on Broadway, where it was revived in 2014). “Cabaret, produced and directed by the Broadway legend Harold Prince, pushed boundaries with... | Read More

PICKS: Kaya Genç on Sefer Memişoğlu at DEPO, Istanbul

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Leonard Cohen’s Notebooks In The Freezer (And His Final Poems)

Leonard Cohen’s son says that even talking about his father’s process of writing feels like an invasion. “My father was very interested in preserving the magic of his process. And moreover, not demystifying it. Speaking of any of this … is a transgression,” Adam Cohen says. But a final book of poems “is what he was staying alive for.”

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Really, Metropolitan Opera and New York Phil, is this your updated classical music marketing?

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Austria Has A Provocative Contemporary Art Festival, But Is Anyone Seeing It?

In far-right governed Austria, the Steirischer Herbst “appointed its first non-German-speaking director and is now redefining itself as an international art event. The Russian-born curator Ekaterina Degot, working with a collective of other exhibition makers, has used the historically loaded title ‘Volksfronten’ (People’s Fronts) for an exploration by more than 40 artists... | Read More

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