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Literature Nobel In Doubt Amid Claims Swedish Princess Was Sexually Harassed

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IN PRINT: May 2018

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More on the Utterly Noncontroversial Baltimore Museum Deaccessioning

Artnet's Julia Halperin has more on the Baltimore Museum's decision to sell works by Warhol, Rauschenberg, "and other 20th-century titans" in order to "fund future acquisitions of cutting-edge contemporary art, specifically by women and artists of color."I haven't seen any criticism of the move at all -- and indeed Halperin's piece fails to cite any actual opposition.We here in the... | Read More

Bomb Magazine Plans $15 M. Endowment Campaign

Artists Jasper Johns, Vik Muniz, R. H. Quaytman, Amy Sillman, and 21 more will be involved in raising the funds. Read More

The post Bomb Magazine Plans $15 M. Endowment Campaign appeared first on ARTnews.

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Austin’s Best Allergy-Friendly Bakeries — Where Gluten Free and Vegan Rule

Whether you’re gluten-free, vegan, or are just looking to avoid dairy, Austin has become a mecca of allergy-friendly baked goods. No longer do you have to turn down dessert due to dietary restrictions. If any restaurant city in Texas understands the needs of those with food allergies, it’s Austin. Here are the best bakeries that … Continued

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Fortress Festival Fortified Their Place In North Texas

Over the weekend, the grounds in front of the Will Rogers Memorial Center were invaded by concert goers ready to soak in the sun and the fun of Fortress Festival. Art&Seek had the chance to speak with a couple of the artists that performed at the music festival. Scroll to the bottom of the page to check those out.

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Hot Women and Their Fast Cars Take Over River Oaks District: Expect to See This Houston First Event Roaring Into Other Cities

It was truly a fasten-your-seatbelt Saturday at River Oaks District when 20 femmes roared in behind the wheels of their supercars for the inaugural Houston Heels & Horsepower event with headliner social media star Supercar Blondie, the Dubai-based fast-driving blogger with nearly a million Instagram followers. Every curbside parking space in the luxe shopping district glistened …... | Read More

How AI Might Make The Vatican’s Amazing Archives Accessible

The Vatican Secret Archive isn’t much use to modern scholars, because it’s so inaccessible. Of those 53 miles, just a few millimeters’ worth of pages have been scanned and made available online. Even fewer pages have been transcribed into computer text and made searchable. If you want to peruse anything else, you have to apply for special access, schlep all the way to Rome, and go... | Read More

At 83, Jacques d’Amboise Is Still Helping Kids To Dance

Even now, d’Amboise still comes to the Harlem building each day — that is, when he’s not traveling the country, visiting one of the 13 affiliate dance institutes (there’s also an exchange program in China) and working on fundraising. “Yes, he’s here every single day,” confirms Ellen Weinstein, NDI’s longtime artistic director, who met d’Amboise some 30 years ago as a student... | Read More

NEWS: Decolonize This Place Activists Occupy the Brooklyn Museum

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