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The Cinematographer Of ‘Mudbound’ (And ‘Black Panther’) Makes Movie History [AUDIO]

Rachel Morrison, the director of photography for Dee Rees' Mudbound, is the first woman ever nominated for cinematography. That's embarrassing for a stupidly sexist Hollywood, but no slight to the great Morrison, who was also the first woman to shoot a comic book movie: She's been walking the walk for two decades. "Now I'm seeing many more women getting calls to do bigger films," she says.

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Bernadette Peters Re-Conquers Broadway In A Classic Role

Generations of Broadway legends have played the role of Dolly, and Peters is (more than) up for it now: "When I took on the role, though, I just — I started from scratch. I read the script, I read The Matchmaker — the play that Mike Stewart wrote [Hello, Dolly!] from — and I found this person, this woman. I found the woman that I would play in it, the Dolly I would play."

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Who Should Profit From A Prisoner’s Book Deal?

Curtis Dawkins is serving a life term for a murder he committed. When Scribner offered him $150,000 for a book of short stories, he put the money in a savings account for his children - but now Michigan's prison system is suing him to pay for his imprisonment.

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Weinstein Company Fires Its President And COO ‘For Cause’

The company won't say what the "cause" is against David Glasser, but "Glasser came under fire this week after the New York attorney general's office sued the studio, alleging civil rights violations."

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Following Pushback, Neïl Beloufa Removes Image of Parker Bright from Palais de Tokyo Project

Bright has raised more than $2,000 to travel to Paris, where he plans to stage a protest. Read More

The post Following Pushback, Neïl Beloufa Removes Image of Parker Bright from Palais de Tokyo Project appeared first on ARTnews.

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When Writer Hanif Kureishi Finally Starts Watching Binge-Worthy TV, He Just Can’t Stop

The writer, screenwriter, and playwright says, "The television show is ideal for the exploration of character under pressure because of its duration. I recently watched all 86 episodes of The Sopranos, followed by all of Breaking Bad; then I did Gomorrah. I would happily have watched more."

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The Organs That Power Broadway

These two organs are being replaced, for good reason: "'It is soul-numbing to play that thing,' Mr. Wachner, the church’s hard-driving director of music and arts, said of the digital instrument in Trinity Church, on Lower Broadway. He also called the Schlicker pipe organ, long resident in St. Paul’s Chapel, Trinity’s historic satellite a few blocks north, 'tendinitis central.'"

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Malls Not Only Aren’t Terrible, But They Saved The Suburbs From Themselves

Look, they were just better than sprawl. Truly. "The mall is for shopping. It sounds idiotic to say, or tautological at least. Of course the mall is for shopping. But more specifically, it gives shopping a specific place. The mall separated commerce into its own, private lair, and it did so just as commercialism was running rampant and out of control in the progress-fueled mid-century."

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André Harvey, Who Sculpted The Natural World, Has Died At 76

After working in other careers and getting inspired by sculptures he saw through a window in Paris, "Mr. Harvey became a masterly sculptor of intricately detailed, realistic bronze figures whose works were exhibited by Tiffany & Company in its Fifth Avenue flagship store, have been collected by museums, and were purchased by Henry Fonda, Jamie Wyeth, Barry Manilow and Danielle Steel."

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‘Manuscripts’ Encourages Readers To Approach The Bible Like A Novel

The Bible's famous verse and chapter structure is relatively recent — and surprisingly unpopular. And a new version out now aims to make it more approachable by structuring it like any other book.

(Image credit: Jesse Tyler)

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