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Go See This Mural Before The Artist Destroys It (Bit By Bit)

The artist, Hugo Crosthwaite, wore a shirt that made him more approachable - more like a sign painter, less like an artist - and hoo boy, was he ever approached. His interactions with people changed the huge mural. "The mural, created in partnership with the California Historical Society, features a singular mix of images — rendered in the artist's preferred black and white — inspired by... | Read More

These Comics Redefined Hinduism – And Reinforced A Lot Of Prejudice Along The Way

The comics Amar Chitra Katha (or The Immortal Stories) got started when a newspaper executive watched a quiz show where kids knew little to nothing about the Hindu epic The Ramayana. Now ACK has been a kids' entertainment empire for decades - but it's an empire built on bigotry: "ACK’s writing and illustrative team constructed a legendary past for India by tying masculinity, Hinduism, fair... | Read More

How Did Louisiana Jazz Make It To That Other L.A.?

California was more than a rumor; it was a way to change history. "For African Americans dreaming of opportunity in the early part of 20th century, that lure, the music in California’s new-start promise, was embedded into the consciousness. It burrowed deep. It was the necessary fuel — inspiration — to carry onward beyond known possibilities. Roughly between 1910 and 1970, in two great... | Read More

Emojis Of 2018: Bagels, Kangaroos, Redheads Are In. ‘Frowning Pile Of Poo’ Is Out

... | Read More

Look To Netflix For The Answer To ‘What Do We Do When All Hollywood Has To Offer Is Reboots?’

This is a great description of where we are ... and an idea for how to look for fresh ways to deal with it: "To loudly insist that Hollywood cut it out with the reboots is, unfortunately, to waste your breath. It is, however, at least worth asking the question: If this is the world we’re stuck with, how should a reboot be? Some have begun to resemble something like the filmed equivalent of... | Read More

Callas Singing ‘Tosca’ Is The Best Opera Recording Ever, And Here’s Why

Anthony Tommasini: "Even though it was done under studio conditions, Callas, Giuseppe di Stefano (as the idealistic Mario) and Tito Gobbi (as the villainous police chief Scarpia) are thrillingly alive and subtle for the towering maestro Victor de Sabata and the forces of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. It’s hard to think of a recording of any opera that nails a work so stunningly, that seems... | Read More

Idea: To Help Girls Stay In Love With P.E. Class, Teach Boys Ballet And Zumba

That's not the only idea, of course, but: "Offering a full range of activities will help to combat the stereotypes and 'cultural norms' that are putting girls off sport before they reach junior school, according to Ruth Holdaway, who is chief executive of Women in Sport. In addition to giving female pupils the option to play cricket and football,'boys should also be asked what they want, and ... | Read More

Where Do Words Live?

Words refer to objects, and they don't actually live in our brains - only experience does, and we use words to convey our experiences. Or so is the claim. For instance: "What is an angel but a juggling of past experience: beautiful body, plus wings, as in a dream? What is dark matter if not a piece needed to complete a puzzle, a theory, made up of endless complex objects in the world?... | Read More

There Was, Last Week In Manhattan, And Briefly, A Four-Story Mural Of A Penis

The piece, by artist Carolina Falkholdt, had been commissioned, but it didn't last long. "The painting appeared on the wall of a building on Broome Street, between Forsyth and Eldridge Streets, on Christmas Eve. By Wednesday afternoon, it was being painted over, and by Thursday it had completely disappeared." (Read much more about the mural's background and planned focus in this Hyperallergic... | Read More

Stephen Albert, Executive Director Of Chicago’s Court Theatre, Has Died At 66

Albert had a long history of working in theatre, including, before Court Theatre, as "the longtime managing director at Hartford Stage in Connecticut, an assignment that followed similar leadership posts at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles and the Alley Theatre in Houston. At Court, he presided over a robust period of growth, coupled with the cultivation of a much closer alliance with the... | Read More

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