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PICKS: Sean O’Toole on “You & I” at A4 Arts Foundation, Cape Town

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Welcome To The News Paywall 2.0

"The first time around, many paywalls simply did not work. But times have changed. The New York Times success in transforming itself into a company that is markedly less dependent on advertising than it has been in recent years has emboldened many other publishers. The Times now makes more than 20 percent of its revenue on digital-only subscriptions, a number which has been growing quickly. In... | Read More

“Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon”

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Rachel Whiteread

The material Whiteread chooses for each cast is a crucial part of the effect.

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They, The People

Populist political movements have gained strength in recent years, but for whom, exactly, are they speaking?

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Farewell Our Globalism

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Normal Design

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Study: Tech Addiction Might Be Caused By Brain Chemical Imbalance

A study of teenagers who are “addicted” to their smartphones or the internet has found that people who struggle with so-called tech addiction seem to have more of a chemical that slows down brain signals, and less of a chemical that makes neurons more active.

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FDA Says ‘Stay!’ … Away From ‘Bone Treats’

In addition to guidance to avoid brittle chicken and turkey bones, the FDA says "bone treats," which they distinguish from uncooked butcher bones, can cause harm, sickness and sometimes death.

(Image credit: Charlie Neibergall/AP)

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‘The Other Side Of Hope’: Finding Haven — And Hamachi — in Helsinki

Finnish writer/director Ali Kaurismaki follows up his 2011 film The Havre with a darker, but still comic, variation on a similar theme — a character fleeing bloody conflict gets taken in by a group of outcasts.

(Image credit: /Janus Films)

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