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Women Fighting Challenges Through Art, A New Cultural Plan & More North Texas Arts News

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A Quick Look At Art&Seek’s Reporting

Stephanie... | Read More

NEWS: Birkenstock CEO Loses Lawsuit Brought Against Kunsthaus Hamburg and Artist Ida Ekblad

Artnet... | Read More

Arts Journalism Is Disappearing. Can Arts Organizations Do Anything About It?

"Arts organizations and journalists need each other. Yet, to work together effectively, we need to change the mantra from 'butts in seats' to 'civic discourse' and work with media and the community in a mutually beneficial way. We can be conduits and facilitators, a constant resource to journalists, giving them the ability to experiment. We need to ensure our organizations are building... | Read More

New York Times Profiles Increased Trend Towards Art in New Condo Developments

The New York Times profiles the growing trend in  New York condo developments to incorporate monumental pieces of art into the project’s building plans, as new buildings commission pieces from Yayoi Kusama and other artists. “10 years ago, I thought we were pioneers to incorporate an artist into the design,” says developer Izak Senbahar. “But since then, it […]... | Read More

Trump Administration Federal Land Review Clouds Fate of Land Around Michael Heizer’s ‘City’

The Art Newspaper reflects on recent reviews of federally-protected land ordered by the Trump administration, and how reclassification of land in Nevada may harm artist Michael Heizer’s City installation in Basin and Range. “Monuments have been adjusted… 18 times before,” Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke said in an interview. “So I don’t think there’s too much... | Read More

Playwright Sam Shepard, 73

One of the most important and influential early writers in the Off Broadway movement, Mr. Shepard captured and chronicled the darker sides of American family life in plays like “Buried Child,” which won the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1979, and “Curse of the Starving Class” and “A Lie of the Mind.”

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A Brief History Of Populism (And How The Word Got Corrupted)

"The problem isn’t just using the word populist as a euphemism for racism and ethnic chauvinism. The term also helps to reproduce the very ideology that has trapped white working-class people by reinforcing the idea that they are not supposed to experience the same social and economic problems as everyone else."

... | Read More

August at 500x Gallery – Opening Receptions 8/19

Gary Farrelly – _parliament tower _Malaysia___ 2017_ embroidery on commemorative postcard_ 15 x 10 cm

August at 500x Gallery | Opening August 19th   a hard place downstairs gallery 2017 500x Members Exhibition upstairs gallery 500X Gallery, 500 Expositon Ave., Dallas, TX 75226  August 19 – September 24, 2017, Reception: August 19th,... | Read More

How Academic Writing Gets To Be Meaningless

"The use of words without fixed or clear meanings is a major part of what makes academic writing so terrible. People often complain that academic writing is “obscure” or overly convoluted and complex. But there’s nothing inherently wrong with either complexity or obscurity in themselves; research papers in the sciences have to be complex and technical, and introducing people... | Read More

Playwright Sam Shepard Has Died

Pulitzer-prize winning playwright Sam Shepard has died. He was 73. A family spokeperson told the New York Times the cause was Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

In North Texas, the Undermain Theatre may well have produced more... | Read More

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