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Yuko Hasegawa on Taus Makhacheva

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Steppe Forward: Art and Tech at Expo 2017 Astana

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HBO Says It Was Hacked, Some Programming Stolen

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Mark Grotjahn’s Market Acumen Profiled in NYT

Mark Grotjahn’s work is profiled in the New York Times this week, and the artist’s aggressive business strategies that have kept his works consistently in-demand. “He’s probably an artist who’s in more demand today than any other,” says Alberto Mugrabi. “He’s so good that he controls everything. He controls when galleries make shows, he controls who they sell […]... | Read More

Musa Mayer, Daughter of Philip Guston, Interviewed in The Telegraph

Musa Mayer, daughter of painter Philip Guston, is interviewed in The Telegraph this week, as she reflects on her father’s expansive and innovative body of work, and the toll it occasionally took on her family. “My father was never overtly cruel,” she says. “He was just largely absent, working. From an early age, I was given to […]... | Read More

Netflix Is Hugely Successful But $20 Billion In Debt. How Long Can This Go On?

Netflix has accumulated a hefty $20.54 billion in long- and short-term debt in its effort to produce more original content. The Los Gatos, Calif.-based company hopes more new shows will capture more subscribers, its primary revenue driver. It’s also under pressure to keep spending on new shows as streaming rivals such as Amazon and Hulu expand their own slates of original programming.

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Second edition of AKAA Also known as Africa to be held November 10-12

Following the success of its first edition in 2016, AKAA – Also Known As Africa – will be back from November 10-12, 2017 at the Carreau du Temple. First and only art fair in France devoted to contemporary art and design from Africa, AKAA has instantly found its public: 15.000 collectors and art lovers attended the art fair in 2016. The enthusiasm for this artistic scene has been... | Read More

New exhibition by the Israeli installation artist Hili Greenfeld on view at Art Cube Artists’ Studios, Jerusalem

During the Yom Kippur War, an Israeli soldier who served in the forces that crossed the Suez Channel, wandered along the banks of the Sweet Water Canal. The houses in the Canal’s area have been standing empty for a while, possibly abandoned already in the War of Attrition. The soldier entered one of the houses, where he found several objects on a desk: two drawings, a small donkey doll, and... | Read More

Data: Online Ticket-Buyers Are More Likely To Donate

The average percentage of online ticketing transactions that included donations was 15% last year, while only 3% who booked tickets over the counter or on the phone added a donation to their transactions. Of these, concert hall attenders were the most likely to donate online (19%) but among the least likely to donate by phone or in person (1%).

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Celebrated Playwright And Actor Sam Shepard Dies

Sam Shepard was both a prize-winning playwright and an an acclaimed actor. He won a Pulitzer for Drama for Buried Child in 1979 and wrote more than 40 other plays as well as short stories and essays. He died Thursday at his home in Kentucky of complications from Lou Gehrig's disease. He was 73.

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