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Hermann Nitsch Performance Set to Go Forward in Tasmania

A Hermann Nitsch performance using a slaughtered bull is set to move forward in Tasmania, despite protests from animal rights activists.  “Art sometimes has the power to influence a community, and although it would be an indirect outcome of this performance, we would consider a reduction in the consumption of meat a positive result,” a statement […]... | Read More

Bloomberg Breaks Down Current Focus on Art as Asset Class

Bloomberg takes a look at recent collecting trends in the global market, including advisers increased focus on art as part of a broader asset strategy.  There are opportunities to plan around art that don’t exist around other asset classes,” says Dan Desmond, executive director with the Blue Rider Group at Morgan Stanley. Read more at Bloomberg... | Read More

American Medium Gallery Profiled in NYT

Brooklyn gallery American Medium is profiled in the New York Times this month, as its founders prepare for a move to Chelsea, and reflect back on the gallery’s early years translating digital artworks to a physical exhibition space.  “At this point we’ve staged at least over a hundred shows,” says partner Josh Pavlacky said, “so we know: This will […]... | Read More

Berlin’s Proposed Modern Art Museum Sees Challenge from Petitioners

As Berlin prepares for the construction of the Museum of Modern Art in its Kulturforum, a petition is calling for a more open and public discussion of the merits and risks of the project.  The petition also calls for transparency in the project’s budget, stating that the current money pledged to the project is likely not enough to […]... | Read More

Canadian Theatre Needs To Go Way Beyond A Hashtag

The deal: "I want a contemporary colour palette. I want the people of the world that I see around me to be telling those stories. That homogenous world that I see onstage [traditionally]? It's just not my world. I don't recognize that."

... | Read More

Hauser & Wirth to Represent Estate of Geta Brătescu

Hauser & Wirth has announced that it will now represent the estate of Romanian artist Geta Brătescu internationally.  “I have been collecting Brătescu’s work in-depth for many years and have closely followed her artistic journey, so am now particularly excited to become intimately involved in the artist’s story in a professional capacity,” says Manuela Wirth.  “She... | Read More

Mark Bradford Interviewed in NYT

Mark Bradford is profiled in the New York Times this week, as the artist prepares to open his solo exhibition in the U.S. Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.  “I felt like a lot of the progress we’ve made to be inclusive, to make sure young little trans kids are safe, was gone in the blink […]... | Read More

Vito Acconci, Architect And Performance Artist, Has Died At 77

His move from performance artist (his most famous piece, "Seedbed," included him lying beneath a false floor in a gallery, masturbating and speaking to gallery visitors over a hidden mic) to architect "confused his peers and caused his profile in the art world to recede, to the point where many younger artists who were indirectly influenced by his work had little idea who had created it. In... | Read More

Donald Sultan Welcomes New York Times Into Home

Artist Donald Sultan welcomes the New York Times into his home, and shows a series of works and objects collected over the course of his travels.  “I like things that are handmade,” he says.  “I found this guy in England who makes pancheons, old-fashioned bread bowls. He’s probably the only guy in the world that […]... | Read More

Met Considers Admissions Charges for Out of Town Visitors

The Met is currently weighing the possibility of charging a mandatory admission fee to those living outside of New York City, a measure that may help the museum’s budget struggles.  “I don’t think we have an assumption about city funding,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said of the issue. “It’s about them being able to sustain their operations […]... | Read More
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