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Oregon’s Troubled Eugene Opera Parts Ways With Its General Director

In January the company cancelled the second half of its current season after racking up $200,000 in debt. General director Mark Beudert lives in Indiana and ran Eugene Opera on a part-time basis - a situation about which the board chair said, "We've just reached a stage where that as a model is not going to work for us."

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Ex-NYT Theatre Critic Charles Isherwood Joins Startup Broadway Website

"Isherwood will be writing for Broadway News, a new online venture from Broadway Briefing, an aggregator of theater news. Isherwood will be joined in reviewing by Elizabeth Bradley, an arts academic at New York University and former producer, manager and administrator with long ties to Canada’s Stratford Festival and the Sony Centre in Toronto, among others. The new site will launch next... | Read More

Between the lines: Historians put Stalin-era diaries online

Tatiana Panova holds a photograph of her great-grandfather as a solemn-faced student in 1923 in the Soviet Union, around 16 years before he died in a prison camp during the Stalin purges. While Alexander Yakovlev's death was over half a century before her birth, Panova, 25, has gained a tiny window into his thoughts and life thanks to an aged diary that her family preserved. Now, as memories of... | Read More

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei to build fences in New York

The Chinese activist artist Ai Weiwei will build dozens of fences in New York for an exhibition opening in October that focuses on walls that divide people and mark borders. A champion of refugees and migrants, Ai is calling his new large-scale conceptual installation "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors." He took the title from the final line in "Mending Wall," a poem by the 20th-century US poet... | Read More

Sotheby’s to offer one of the greatest examples of early Ming porcelain in private hands

Sotheby’s Hong Kong Chinese Works of Art Spring Sales 2017 will take place on 5 April at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The sales will be led by an outstanding Xuande lobed bowl, one of the greatest examples of early Ming porcelain in private hands (pictured above), and a monumental Imperial silk tapestry kesi bestowing longevity on the Qianlong Emperor in celebration of his... | Read More

Students unearth a 2000-year-old Jewish settlement near Bet Shemesh

Some 240 eleventh-grade students from Jerusalem’s Boyer High School have discovered an original and rewarding way of reducing their travel costs to Poland: Working for an entire week on archaeological excavations at Ramat Bet Shemesh, far from their computers and air-conditioned classroom The students have been involved in unearthing exciting archaeological finds at the site. In recent... | Read More

100-kilo gold coin “Big Maple Leaf” stolen from Berlin’s Bode museum

Thieves stole a gold coin with a face value of $1 million and weighing 100 kilograms (220 pounds) from Berlin's Bode Museum on Monday. According to German media, the stolen coin is the "Big Maple Leaf", a commemorative piece issued by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2007. The coin, 53 cm (21 inches) across and three cm thick, features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Bode Museum gave the face value... | Read More

Hollywood Studios Push To Release Movies On Video Sooner After Theatrical Runs

Though details have yet to be finalized, most of the studios agree that they must come up with new ways to shorten the gap between a movie’s theatrical release and its home video debut.

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An Industrial Hellscape On A Giant, Round Conveyor Belt: ‘The Hairy Ape’ At The Armory

Erik Piepenburg visits Stewart Laing, designer of the enormous, glaringly colored sets that revolve around the audience in director Richard Jones's revival of the Eugene O'Neill play.

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Matt Packer Named Director of Ireland’s EVA International Biennial

Matt Packer will be the new director of EVA International, the Irish biennial that surveys the contemporary art scene. He will begin in his new position in June.Packer comes from the CCA Centre for Contemporary Art Derry~Londonderry, where he has … Read More... | Read More
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