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IN PRINT: April 2017

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The Task of Art

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Atlas Dubai: Art Without America

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In the Studio: Anicka Yi

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Poems Without Words

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Performance: Time Out

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The Revolution Might Still Be Televised: “Public Access/Open Networks” At BRIC House

Nam June Paik, Good Morning Mr. Orwell (video still), 1984 (Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix and BRIC)

Public Access/Open Networks The Gallery at BRIC House 647 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY On view until May 7, 2017

Artists: Alex Bag, Natalie Bookchin, Colab, Jaime Davidovich, E.S.P. TV, Ann Hirsch, Tom Kalin, Jayson Musson, Glenn O’Brien, Nam... | Read More

Art Media Holdings CEO Vincent Fremont Completes Term, Will Remain Advisor

Art Media Holdings, LLC, the parent company of these pages, announced today that Vincent Fremont will be stepping down after completing his term as CEO. While continuing to serve in a senior advisory role for the company, which publishes ARTnews, … Read More... | Read More

Who Are Today’s Great Cultural Critics? (Are There Any?)

"Cultural criticism, we should remind ourselves, can be almost as important as the art itself, can indeed be part of the art. There have been great creative critics, from Alexander Pope (in The Dunciad, Epistle to Lord Burlington, etc) and Dr Johnson onwards, who combined the two arts with the skill of genius. Byron was another, in his English Bards and Scotch Reviewers, Vision of Judgment,... | Read More

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