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Reception March 3 for Jeremy Lock at JM Gallery

Join JM Gallery Friday, March 3, from 6 until 9 for an opening reception featuring photographs from Jeremy Lock. 

JM Gallery, 1722 Routh Street Suite 106, Dallas, Tx 75201

During his adrenaline-filled career as a military photographer, Jeremy Lock documented battles, disasters, and everyday life in Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan, Haiti, Mongolia, and many other locations. He... | Read More

Starbucks To Open In Italy, Home Of Espresso, In 2018. Italian Cafes Say Bring It

The coffeehouse giant plans several stores in Milan. But Italian coffeehouse owners aren't particularly worried. As one told us, they're not even in the same business.

(Image credit: Starbucks)

... | Read More

Texas Pottery & Sculpture Guild March and April Events

Following is our event calendar for the next couple of months;

March 2017 Gallery ShowFort Worth Community Art Center, March 3rd through the 25th Reception March 3rd 6-9pm An exhibition of exceptional artwork, designed to demonstrate the level of quality and creativity of which we are capable Click here to view this event on Facebook March Gallery Show 2017 Spring Gallery... | Read More

Met Museum Director Thomas Campbell Forced To Resign

Record-breaking attendance and popular new branches or not, a certain critical mass of news coverage - chronicling deficits and layoffs and cancellation of high-profile expansions, and asking if your museum is 'a great institution in decline' - will probably lead to news like this.

... | Read More

What Studies Teach Us About Why People Ignore Incontrovertible Facts

"People believe that they know way more than they actually do. What allows us to persist in this belief is other people. In the case of my toilet, someone else designed it so that I can operate it easily. This is something humans are very good at. We’ve been relying on one another’s expertise ever since we figured out how to hunt together, which was probably a key development in our... | Read More

NEWS: Pace Gallery Reveals Renderings of New Eight-Story Chelsea Building | Read More

Atlas Miami: Place Markers

/files/2017/02/24/img-atlas-miami-1_181328624107.jpg_wide_hthumb.jpg... | Read More

Ritual Work

/files/2017/02/21/img-ritual-work-2_165927138446.jpg_wide_hthumb.jpg... | Read More

More Of Less

/files/2017/02/21/img-sean-raspet-_144337880586.jpg_wide_hthumb.jpg... | Read More

Urban Pastorals

/files/2017/02/24/img-urban-pastorals-1_184000282696.jpg_wide_hthumb.jpg... | Read More
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