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So bad, they’re good: Madrid celebrates trash films

You'd think the prospect of bad acting, a terrible script and rock-bottom directing would put movie buffs off. But if Madrid's CutreCon trash film festival is anything to go by -- you'd be wrong. Lured by such films as the musical "Nudist Colony of the Dead" and Bollywood's "Action Jackson", some 3,500 people turned up at the five-day event. They also came to see one of the holy grails of the bad... | Read More

Exhibition at Kunsthalle Bremen focuses on French printmaking in the age of Louis XIV

This exhibition presents outstanding French prints from 1650 to 1715, an era in which the magnificence of Absolutism reached its climax. During the reign of Louis XIV, a principal task of the fine arts was to spread the glory and splendour of the Sun King as a statesman, general and patron far beyond the borders of his own country. Prints were especially suited to this purpose. They were easy to... | Read More

Shanghai Synergy

/files/2017/01/27/img-shanghai-synergy-1_134052379330.jpg_wide_hthumb.jpg... | Read More

Surreal Cairo

/files/2017/01/25/img-surreal-cairo-1_11213333149.jpg_wide_hthumb.jpg... | Read More

Critical Eye: Mimi Gross in Her World

/files/2017/01/27/img-mimi-gross-1_13120648406.jpg_wide_hthumb.jpg... | Read More

In the Studio: Meredith Monk

/files/2017/01/27/img-meredith-monk-1_141441683585.jpg_wide_hthumb.jpg... | Read More

Tony Feher

/files/2017/01/27/img-tony-feher_145401518542.jpg_standalone.jpg... | Read More

PICKS: Michelle Grabner on Albert Oehlen at Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland

... | Read More

Ad For Nice Living: Discover Trees, Now With Chlorophyll

We hear one of the five selected listener suggestions for our updated Commercials for Nicer Living project: trees.

... | Read More
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