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‘New Geometries’ at Fleisher/Ollman, Philadelphia

Pictures at an Exhibition presents images of one notable show every weekday Read More... | Read More

Costume Designer Colleen Atwood Took Unlikely Path To Hollywood Royalty

Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood knows tough times. A single mom at 17 who once worked at a French fry factory to make ends meet is Hollywood royalty today. A favorite of director Tim Burton, Atwood is now costume designer for his adaptation of the darkly comic, Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children and the upcoming Harry Potter prequel, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find... | Read More

Will Our Phones Be Essential Tools When We Visit The Museum?

“Museum directors are grappling with how technology has changed the ways people engage with exhibits. But instead of fighting it, some institutions are using technology to convince the public that, far from becoming obsolete, museums are more vital than ever before. Here’s what those efforts look like.”

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Interview With The Creator Of The DTC’s World-Premiere Musical, ‘Bella: An American Tall Tale’

‘Bella,’ your new musical, is in the tradition of the tall tale like Paul Bunyan or Pecos Bill. I understand you were inspired by seeing a full-figured black woman, so how did you get from seeing her to creating a tall tale of the Old West?

KCWell, I’m on a mission to create musical theater for people of color, and I was sort of looking for my next project, and I happened to be... | Read More

‘Deepwater Horizon’ Honors The Sacrifice Without Sacrificing The Action

Deepwater Horizon is the tense and terse story of the Gulf oil rig explosion that became the biggest man-made ecological disaster in history.

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For Rosh Hashana, A Matzo Ball Soup By Way Of Mexico

Matzo ball soup is a classic straight from Eastern Europe. But not all Jews from the region came to the New World via Ellis Island, as this jalapeño-inflected recipe reflects.

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Designers Rank The Best Album Covers Of All Time

So what makes a good album cover design? It should make a statement and convey something of the character of the band and the music inside…

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NEWS: Shirley Jaffe (1923–2016)

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The Artist Who Appears Nude In Front Of Famous Nude Paintings Explains Why She Does It

Deborah de Robertis: “Traditionally the body of the model is objectified to serve the message of the artist. My work suggests the opposite – the viewer is subjugated by the gaze of the model. … When I inhabit the role of the models – whether it’s Olympia or Barbie – it’s not about reproducing them but reconceiving them. When I invite myself into an... | Read More

Arms or Legs or Butts or Guts

Reviews of shows on view in New York, by Lynda Benglis, Heather Guertin, Jessica Stockholder, Kenji Fujita, and more Read More... | Read More
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