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Concrete Future

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Writing and Non-Writing

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Do Canadian Content Rules Make Any Sense In The New Media Landscape?

“Even the most ardent cultural nationalists know there’s a problem. On television, regulations requiring that about half the programming day be devoted to Canadian shows were created for linear schedules; they make little sense in an on-demand environment. Also, unregulated foreign services – that would be Netflix – face no such requirements. Nor does Netflix contribute to the... | Read More

A Cut Above

It is once again time for KXT‘s annual summer concert – Summer Cut. Summer Cut is an evening filled with performances by musicians from across the nation and around DFW. And, Summer Cut also features performances from all over the musical landscape too – indie, psychedelic, folk, gospel, funk, rock, pop, R&B and more. KXT’s Program Director Amy Miller says this... | Read More

A Massive Beer and Music Festival Is Roaring Into Cow Town, and It’s One of Summer’s Hottest Tickets Already

Eight bands and more than 300 beers from 70-plus breweries arrive in Fort Worth on Saturday, June 11, for the fourth annual Untapped Music and Beer Festival. The festival delivers live tunes and craft beer from Rahr, Deep Ellum, Revolver, Community and Lakewood, plus dozens of others from Texas and across the country, and promises to be Read

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Artist Darja Bajagic Alleges Censorship of Work Featuring Swastika and References to Nazism

New York–based artist Darja Bajagić is no stranger to controversy, which is perhaps only natural. Her work includes images of women performing in pornography sourced from the Internet. The threat of violence is more than implied in her art—blood from … Read More... | Read More

New Young Generation Takes The Stage At Stratford And Shakespeare Is Reinvented Yet Again

In fact, the most immediately notable aspect of the younger Stratford is that it is becoming a more thoroughly diverse Stratford – just as young Canada is a more diverse country.

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PICKS: Melissa Canbaz on Jochen Lempert at BQ, Berlin

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This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Sports, Space and Sandwiches

Natalie White for Equal Rights Credit: White/WhiteBox

Even after a lazy and steamy Memorial Day, the art world shows no signs of slowing down for the summer. Returning rested, refreshed and ready to go, this week is flush with performances from Itziar Barrio’s The Perils of Obedience to András Böröcz’s satire of artist’s... | Read More

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