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IN PRINT: Summer 2016

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NEWS: Hirshhorn Museum Announces New Board Chair, New Board Member, and $500,000 Gift

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DIARY: Bee Season

Michael Wilson at The School in Kinderhook... | Read More

Indie Opera Is Flourishing In Toronto

“Quite apart from the gold-plated extravaganzas that glide across the stage of the Canadian Opera Company’s Four Seasons stage, there is a vital collection of smaller companies in the city finding natural life in the supposedly ossified realms of one of Western civilization’s most highly developed art forms.”

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Ambient Aesthetics

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Trust Lust

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Critical Eye: Personal Boundaries

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Dreams for Detroit: The US Pavilion in Venice

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In the Studio: Christian Jankowski

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Ambient Aesthetics

/files/2016/05/26/img-mika-tajima-1_17302383835.jpg_wide_hthumb.jpg... | Read More
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