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New Yorker Publishes Piece on David Wojnarowicz, Loneliness, Art and New York

The New Yorker has an interesting profile on David Wojnarowicz this week, as writer Rebecca Mead visits his personal archives with writer Olivia Laing, whose recent book chronicles loneliness and the lives of artists in New York,  “So much of my book is about gender, and frustrations of gender, and that desire to be an anonymous person in […]... | Read More

Crystal Bridges Museum in Arkansas Expanding to Former Kraft Cheese Factory

The Crystal Bridges Museum in Arkansas is expanding to a now defunct Kraft cheese plant for additional space to show contemporary art.  “This project is going to be huge for the younger generation, the millennials,” says Tom Walton nephew of the museum’s founder, Alice L. Walton. Read more at NYT... | Read More

Joe Bradley Profiled in New York Times

Joe Bradley is profiled in the New York Times this week, as the artist prepares to open his first show of new paintings with Gagosian Gallery in New York.  “Oil paint has so much life. It really behaves like it wants to behave,” he says. “You’ll go into a painting with an idea of what you want to do, and 40 […]... | Read More

Sarah Meyohas’s Stock Trading Account Suspended Following Exhibition at 303

Sarah Meyohas, the artist who recently bought and sold stocks in real-time at 303 Gallery, has reportedly had her Charles Schwab trading account suspended, ostensibly over her manipulations of the stocks she traded. Read more at Observer... | Read More

Greene Naftali Opening Temporary Space in Williamsburg

Greene Naftali Gallery has announced a temporary exhibition space in Williamsburg, which will open April 8th with a show by Lutz Bacher.  The gallery forecasts “dynamic, open, and spontaneous programming” at its new location at 227 Leonard Street.  Read more at Art News... | Read More

Charges Against Russian Performance Artist Changed to Attack on “Cultural Site”

The charges against Russian performance artist Pyotr Pavlensky for igniting the doors of the FSB Headquarters have been changed by prosecuting investigators from vandalism to “damaging a cultural heritage site.”  The artist himself has been asked to be tried under charges of terrorism.  Read more at Artforum... | Read More

Untitled Art Fair Expanding to San Francisco

The Untitled Art Fair is expanding to San Francisco, announcing plans for a January 2017 exhibition with 40 to 60 in the city’s Pier 70 space.  “We want to make it manageable, we want to focus on quality, we want to make a very strong program,” says spokesman Jeffrey Walkowiak added. “This will be an opportunity […]... | Read More

RIP: Dame Zaha Hadid, Visionary Architect, Aged 65

Renowned architect Dame Zaha Hadid has passed away at the age of 65.  Hadid has been a foundational voice of contemporary architecture over the course of the early 21st Century, including London’s Olympic Aquatic Centre, the Guangzhou Opera House, and the MAXXI in Rome.     She was the first woman to win the Royal Institute of British Architects Gold […]... | Read More

Muse: Syncopation

/files/2016/03/24/img-muse-anri-sala-1_144335103485.jpg_wide_hthumb.jpg... | Read More

The Sight of Her

/files/2016/03/24/img-moorman-1_132603782954.jpg_wide_hthumb.jpg... | Read More
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