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Vintage Moroccan rugs offer a contemporary look with traditional cultural appeal

This Spring, vintage Moroccan rugs have been experiencing a surge in popularity: From fashion houses like Lanvin and Tory Burch, who referenced traditional Moroccan weaving in their recent collections, to top interior designers like Markham Roberts and Tom Scheerer, who utilize the minimalist, contemporary look of Moroccan rugs in their clients homes, today's most stylish professionals are... | Read More

Frida Kahlo letters to her lover José Bartoli to be auctioned at Doyle New York

An important group of twenty-five love letters by Frida Kahlo will be auctioned at Doyle New York on Wednesday, April 15. Kahlo wrote the letters from 1946 through 1949 to her lover José Bartoli, a Spanish artist whom she met in New York. Many of the letters include keepsakes inserted by Kahlo, among them drawings, photographs, pressed flowers and other mementos. Totaling over one hundred... | Read More

“Baroque in Rome: The Wonder of the Arts” opens at the Palazzo Cipolla in Rome

From the 1st April to the 26th July 2015 the Fondazione Roma Museo-Palazzo Cipolla will present an ambitious cultural operation, mainly driven by the exhibition entitled Barocco a Roma. La meraviglia delle arti (Baroque in Rome. The Wonder of the Arts). Like the metaphorical ‘Barberini Sun’ the exhibition is in the middle of an original ‘heliocentric system’, where the rays... | Read More

Dutch royal family to return Nazi confiscated painting by Joris van der Haagen

The Dutch royal family will return a painting in its collection after discovering that the Nazis confiscated it from Jewish owners, the palace said on Tuesday. The discovery was made by independent research commissioned by the palace in 2012 into art objects acquired since the Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933. "A Jewish collector was forced in 1942 to hand over the painting 'Haagse Bos... | Read More

Two of a Kind: Eileen Quinlan at Campoli Presti, Nicole Wermers at Herald St

London Art Pitch is a monthly column by Jamie Sterns, a New York curator and writer based in the British capital. “Eileen Quinlan, After Hours” at Campoli Presti, London, through April 18, 2015 Eileen Quinlan works in a medium that seems … Read More... | Read More

First Look: Rhonda Holberton

/files/2015/03/26/img-holberton-_160800654015.jpg_standalone.jpg... | Read More

Théâtre de la Mode

A New York artist finds himself mysteriously drawn to a remote museum in the Columbia River Gorge, home to a collection of haute couture dolls from WWII-era Paris.

... | Read More

Man of Letters

/files/2015/03/26/img-chan1_154037634015.jpg_wide_hthumb.jpg... | Read More

Digital Sculptor

Since 2009, Yugoslavia-born video and internet artist Aleksandra Domanović has increasingly used her new-media skills to produce tech-savvy sculptural installations involving stacked paper, huge acrylic scrims and sci-fi prostheses. 


... | Read More

Farewell to Nature

Artists such as Germany's Christoph Keller, Argentina's Eduardo Navarro as well as Guillermo Faivovich and Nicolás Goldberg, and Brazil's Daniel Steegmann Mangrané employ high-tech means—including microphotography and virtual reality—to radically alter viewers' engagement with the natural world.

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