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750-Year-Old City From Genghis Khan Era Discovered

“Archaeologists with the Saratov Regional Museum of Local Lore have discovered the Christian quarter of Ukek, shedding light on the Christian people who lived under the Khan’s rule. Ukek was a multicultural city, where a variety of religious beliefs were practiced including Islam, Christianity and Shamanism.”

... | Read More

Turmoil At West Australia Opera

“The company was recently heavily criticised for proposing a two year embargo on staging Bizet’s Carmen due to its depictions of smoking in an ill-judged attempt to curry favour with their new corporate sponsor, Healthway. Now it has been announced that the company’s Artistic Director Joseph Colaneri and Chorus Master Joseph Nolan will both no longer be working with the... | Read More

FILM: Every Which Way

Erika Balsom on Experimenta at the British Film Institute... | Read More

PICKS: Andro Wekua

10.14.14-11.15.14 Monika Sprüth / Philomene Magers, London, review written by Hili Perlson... | Read More

PICKS: Mierle Laderman Ukeles

10.11.14-11.29.14 Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, review written by Wes Hill... | Read More

Sammons Center Announces 2014 Award Winners

The Sammons Center for the Arts, announced the winners of its annual awards, which recognize individuals or groups who’ve made outstanding contributions to the 14 performing arts groups the Center houses, the additional 50 organizations that Sammons serves, and to Sammons Jazz and Sammons Cabaret, the series the Center presents.

Congratulations to the winners!

Sammons Center... | Read More

The 10 Most Goth Artists and Artworks

(Un)Happy Goth-o-ween, posers! Here’s the 10 most goth artists and artworks.

1. Vincent van Gogh, “Flying Fox,” 1885

Duh. It’s a bat.

2. Cindy Sherman, “Untitled #175,” 1987

I puke all over your capitalist norms. And your cupcakes.

 3. Tony Smith, “Die,” 1962

It’s dark and the title says... | Read More

DIARY: Bright Prospects

Linda Yablonsky at the opening of Prospect 3 in New Orleans... | Read More

London – Marina Abramović: “White Space” at Lisson Gallery, through November 1st 2014

Marina Abramović, Tree (1972), all images courtesy Lisson Gallery On view at Lisson Gallery in London is a exhibition entitled White Space from Yugoslavian artist Marina Abramović, featuring many works which have never been exhibited before, including two important sound pieces and unseen video documentation of seminal performances. The exhibition will remain on view through November 1st.... | Read More
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