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Counterpoint: Talbot Rice Gallery plays host to a range of diverse installation works

Counterpoint, part of Generation 2014 and Edinburgh Art Festival, sees The University of Edinburgh’s Talbot Rice Gallery play host to a range of diverse installation works, including; two full size streetlights, a breakfast bar, and a custom-made bowling alley. The exhibition will lead audiences through a thought-provoking encounter with political and philosophical ideas, poetry and music,... | Read More

‘Kazumi Tanaka: Mother and Child Reunion’ opens at the Fabric Workshop and Museum

The Fabric Workshop and Museum presents new work by Artist-in-Residence Kazumi Tanaka, a Japanese-American sculptor based in Beacon, New York. Kazumi Tanaka: Mother and Child Reunion opens on Friday, August 1, 2014. This exhibition presents an accumulation of memories, customs, and traditional Japanese fabric processes that tells a story of family, tradition, and one’s self. Kazumi Tanaka... | Read More

Moments in a Stream: Ewerdt Hilgemann’s ‘Implosion’ sculptures on view at Park Avenue

A series of seven stainless steel sculptures by a distinguished Amsterdam-based German artist Ewerdt Hilgemann will land on Park Avenue in New York on August 1, 2014. Entitled “Moments in a Stream,” Hilgemann’s installation will parade along the avenue in seven locations, from 52nd Street to 67th Street, with large-scale pieces—some in groups of two or more—placed on the... | Read More

New exhibition features dynamic installations of the works of Stanley Tigerman and Zago Architecture

Architecture to Scale, a new exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago, demonstrates the complex process and vast range of scales of architectural representation through the work of two groundbreaking architects in adjacent installations, Stanley Tigerman and Zago Architecture. The exhibition in the Architecture and Design galleries (283-285) and is on view until September 14, 2014. Architects... | Read More

LACMA exhibits recently conservated mural ‘Abbot Kinney and the Story of Venice’

Edward Biberman, Abbot Kinney and the Story of Venice celebrates the recent conservation of the mural Abbot Kinney and the Story of Venice, painted by Los Angeles artist Edward Biberman in 1941. This example of New Deal–era art is being exhibited at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in a special installation about Venice in the context of a narrative about the artist’s long-term... | Read More

One hundred years of British wedding dresses to go on display at the Gallery of Costume, Platt Hall

This summer, the Gallery of Costume, Platt Hall will present Something Blue, a show which will explore the past hundred years of British bridal fashion from 1914-2014. The exhibition will display a selection of diverse bridal dresses alongside their contemporary wedding portraits from the Gallery of Costume’s extensive collections as well as recent acquisitions and loans. It will offer a... | Read More

Hoyland painting returns to The Fitzwilliam Museum by popular demand

Thanks to the resounding success of the Art Everywhere campaign, in which John Hoyland’s 1981 painting 'Memory Mirror' featured in the top ten of Britain’s favourite artworks, the original work is now being shown publicly once again at The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. The painting has been on long-term loan to Cancer Research UK, but will be on display at The Fitzwilliam throughout... | Read More

South Africa shantytown forces anti-apartheid Red Location Museum to close

South African shantytown residents have forced the closure of a museum honouring anti-apartheid heroes, accusing the authorities of building "a house for dead people" while they live in squalor. Once a tourist magnet, The Red Location Museum in New Brighton outside the southern city of Port Elizabeth houses hundreds of "memory boxes" containing the life stories of anti-apartheid activists,... | Read More

Huntington Library acquires rare book of 17th-century Chinese woodblock prints

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens announced today that it has acquired one of the most historically and artistically important Chinese illustrated books ever published. The book, a set of early color woodblock prints known as The Ten Bamboo Studio Collection of Calligraphy and Pictures, was published in 1633 by Hu Zhengyan (1584-1674). Hu, a noted publisher,... | Read More

Garage Museum exhibition explores relationship between globalization and art in the 1990s

The New International is the latest in a series of projects at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art to focus on the 1990s as a significant turning point in contemporary art practices around the world. Navigating the prevailing discourses after 1989, including the end of the Cold War, the social impact of late capitalism, and an escalating fear of terrorism, the exhibition draws on two generations of... | Read More
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