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Lek & Sowat – Mode2 – Futura 2000 "Underground Doesn’t Exist Anymore" @ Paris’ Palais de Tokyo

Lek, Sowat, Mode2 and the legend Futura 2000 recently teamed up in Paris, France to work on a series of new pieces inside the Palais de Tokyo.Organised by Hugo Vitriani, the all-star team went deep under the Palais de Tokyo to work on these beautiful pieces. To mark the ending of their two years residency at the Palais de Tokyo, Lek & Sowat invited Graffiti’s living legends... | Read More

Book Review: ‘The Expedition To The Boabab Tree’

Alan Cheuse reviews The Expedition to the Boabab Tree. Originally written in Afrikaans by Wilma Stockenstrom, the short novel on slavery has been translated by Nobel-winning writer J.M. Coetzee.

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This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Internet Poetry and Machinery for Living

This week offers plenty of ways to stay cool with art. This primarily means heading in doors. Bunny Rogers reads poetry from her highly anticipated book “Cunny Poems, Vol. 1,” Hito Steyerl offers advice on how to remain invisible in the digital age, and the Knockdown Center is host to a day of surreal performance art. Also, lots of air-conditioned screenings. Welcome to... | Read More

Comedian Joel McHale Talks Dyslexia, Bad TV And Filming A Thriller

The host of The Soup co-stars in the thriller Deliver Us From Evil. "I felt like a 12-year-old getting to be in an action film," McHale tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross.

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Sandwich Monday: The Concrete

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try the Concrete. It's a frozen custard confection so thick, you can turn it upside down and it won't fall out of its cup.

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Seth GlobePainter New Pieces – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Seth GlobePainter is back in Louisiana where he was once again invited by the Museum Of Public Art to paint on the streets of Baton-Rouge.As usual with the French street artist, he worked his magic through a series of his signature character based murals. Seth is also the Television Director and onscreen Reporter of the documentary series “Globe Painter’’.Take a look at more images after... | Read More

That Time The English National Ballet Took The Stage Directly After Metallica

“It’s extremely exciting. This is really big for us. Really big. And fantastic for the company to be recognised as a company that is able to stand up next to the artists that are performing.”

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Brazil Is Winning Social Media And The Internet – And You Probably Know Nothing About It

“Brazilians are arguably the most hyper-social people on the internet. They spend twice as much time using social media as the global average, and more time online than watching TV.”

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Know Hope "For The Blues" Limited Edition Hand-Made Zine And Screen Print – Available June 30th

Know Hope recently stopped by Turin, Italy where he spent a few days working with us on "For The Blues", his new limited edition hand-made screen-printed zine and hand-painted screen-print  for Mission To Art.The zines are entirely hand printed (with many pages hand-pulled by the artist himself) and include serigraphs, original photographs, hand-painted/cut paper and hand-written... | Read More

These Young Actors Perform 52 Plays In 5 And A Half Hours – For Free

“The actors playing [big-name characters] off Off Broadway, at the Flea Theater in TriBeCa, are not famous — but they’re young, hopeful and ravenous enough about performing to do it free.”

... | Read More
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